Aired on October 16, 2012

Rhydian begins to use his Eolas powers in school and showing off to his mates. Maddy can’t understand how he is doing it, as the tricks go far beyond his wolfblood senses and speed.

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  • Your stupid website won’t let me watch WB Eolas because of you freaking idiotic dumbass links and popup ads and whenever I try to watch an episode if I click on the play button it sends me to porn sights and I’m not going back to watching that!!!!!!!!!

    • I know write!!!!!!! I’m never watching deli pops again go f*ck yourself delishits

  • You’re both psychos. It’s streaming television that you’re getting for FREE. Instead of complaining, you should be thankful there are links at all. Ungrateful.

    • Haha, that’s the damn truth. Amen, Dude, amen. And by the way guys, learn some spelling, please. It’s ‘I know, right?!’ not ‘I know write!!!!!!’. Seriously… you people… Haha.

    • Yeah but they do have a point kind of, we’ll not really!!!

    • I get the feeling Lilly, Nama and Jade are the same person. They all seem to have a bit of trouble with homophones and overuse exclamation points. Since they all sound whiny/neurotic/egocentric I am going to go out on a limb and say this person probably isn’t as old as one would assume.

  • not to mention they’re clearly choosing the wrong “play” buttons. sometimes one has to weed through the ad garbage to get to the show. if you can’t figure that out you don’t deserve to watch.

  • Omg its so slow -.-

  • Why don’t you guys just leave them alone i bet their stressed out from something that we’ve never experience and you should just MING YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GlowWorm 6 months ago

    holy this thread is funny! i don’t even watch this show..but the comments underneath are hilarious..
    @Jade.. perhaps you mean “mind your own business”..:/ if you’re going to blast eveyone in ALL CAPS, at least check your spelling first..telling someone to “MING THEIR OWN BUSINESS” is both amusing and pretty immature, no?
    that being said.. a huge thanks to the admins here for always having these shows available to watch For Free!

  • Lch20035 4 months ago

    Please fix the pop ups cause I’m tired of trying to watch my favorite show and having pop ups come up.