Aired on May 20, 2012

Tori gets an opportunity to sing at a high-profile music-awards show and agrees to a total-image makeover.

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  • xXbambooXx 1 year ago

    Okay, so all of a sudden Tory and Beck start dating, But they never showed the episode when he and Jade broke up… Theirs something wrong. Very suspicious…

  • Why didn’t they show the episode when veck and jade broke up but i don’t understand why tori and beck ended up dating after all you could see that tori and beck liked each other from t he start that’s w hy jad e was only being mean because she was jealous it’s the truth

  • Natasa 1 year ago

    Jade and beck broke up in episode worst couple and tori and beck aren´t dating

  • blaiz 1 year ago

    y cant i rewind and fast forward

  • lili 1 year ago

    je ne peus pas voire l’episode de worst couple je suis triste