Psychic Tia

“Psychic Tia” centers on celebrity psychic medium Tia Belle and her remarkable gift to transcend the physical world and enter into the spiritual one. As a former New Jersey police detective, Tia noticed that her psychic intuition was playing a key role in her detective work, so she decided to focus her ability in a new direction… her own business! At her New Jersey store The Craft, Tia shares her exceptional skills as both a medium and a psychic with her clients… and this outspoken intuitive, like any bona fide Jersey girl, truly tells it like she sees it. Tia’s no-nonsense, direct approach is one of a kind, and an appointment with her is truly a life-changing experience! Tia’s amazing readings range from crossing over to future telling to performing charms and incantations. Her main intention throughout is to use her vision to provide guidance to her clients and help them live better lives … and in Tia’s own life, between running a business, having a family, and listening to spirits, it can get pretty noisy!

Psychic Tia – Season 1, Episode 9 – Gifts and Presence

September 8, 2013

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With the birth of her grandchild on the immediate horizon, Tia wonders whether it’s safe for her to take a job out of town, in addition to, suddenly being faced with the idea of her grandchild having …

Psychic Tia – Season 1, Episode 7 & 8 – Mama’s Got a Pepper Blaster! / Healing Is Dealing

September 1, 2013

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After a visit from a client who had to give up being a police officer due to a crippling car accident, Tia reminisces on her own reasons for leaving the force and the life she left behind.

Tia chan…

Psychic Tia – Season 1, Episode 5 & 6 – Family Is Pryority / Boys, Booze and a Baby

August 25, 2013

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Tia is visited by a celebrity spirit.

Tia plans an anti-baby shower for her son and his girlfriend.

Psychic Tia – Season 1, Episode 3 & 4 – For the Love of a Child / Southern Charmed

August 12, 2013

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Tia warns a client of a shocking car accident in her future and also goes on a rare home visit where she changes the lives of a young couple that lost their son to cancer.

Hailey struggles with the…

Psychic Tia – Season 1, Episode 1-2 – Part Psychic, Part Mother (Pilot) / Craft Before Cannolis

August 4, 2013

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A young girl receives love advice from her deceased father in the opener of this reality series following a New Jersey psychic medium.

An intimate psychic party is thrown.