Gypsy Sisters

Wild child Mellie Stanley, best known for her stripping and violent temper on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, returns with her meddling sister Nettie, cousin Kayla, and loveable Laura for a raucous look at life as a gypsy in the wilds of West Virginia. Martinsburg, West Virginia is a hotbed of gypsy culture and intrigue. With their husbands constantly on the road for work, the women are expected to stay home, cook, clean and raise the children. When they’re not busy doing household chores and adding bling to outfits, they keep themselves entertained by trading in their favorite commodity: gossip!

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2 , Episode 9 & 10 – Gypsies Unleashed / It’s Been One Long, Hot Summer

January 10, 2014

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As the road trip comes to an end; Robbie makes a surprise appearance in Tennessee. Back in Martinsburg, JoAnn and Sheena decide to plan a girl’s day trip to a winery to keep the fun going. But no outi…

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2, Episode 8 – The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

January 3, 2014

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Kayla meets with Nettie after seeing her video apology, and they decide to take a family road trip, which includes a visit to an animal park.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2, Episode 4 – A Newborn King

December 27, 2013

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Mellie goes into labor; Nettie sends Kayla a DVD to plead for forgiveness; Annie and Sheena help Kayla prepare for a chili cook-off. .

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2, Episode 6 – Making Up is Hard to Do

December 20, 2013

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Nettie meets with Sheena when it’s time to put an end to the family’s feud; Kayla reacts to a desperate phone call from her cousin; Mellie is rushed to the hospital.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2, Episode 5 – The Blame Game

December 13, 2013

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Nettie confronts Sheena about her allegiance in the family’s feud; Mellie reaches out to Kayla for forgiveness; JoAnn thinks she can fix Nettie and Kayla’s relationship.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 2, Episode 1 – Web of Lies, Part 1

December 6, 2013

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In the Season 2 premiere, the feud between Nettie and Kayla escalates into an all-out brawl. Meanwhile, Mellie receives an unexpected phone call after getting out of jail; and three new family members…

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 7 – All Is Fair in Gypsy War

June 16, 2013

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In the Season 1 finale, Mellie, Nettie and Kayla exchange harsh words before Mellie’s baby shower, but the expectant mother also has to worry about her possible prison sentence.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 6 – Who’s Your Daddy?

March 18, 2013

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Mellie’s honeymoon is cut short by a complication with her pregnancy that requires a hospital visit — and the possibility of going to jail. Meanwhile, Kayla and her husband deal with their 14-year-ol…

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 5 – Wedded for Disaster

March 12, 2013

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Mellie denies she’s pregnant to her suspicious relatives as her wedding approaches; Nettie and Lottie Mae aren’t on speaking terms.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 4 – Last Fling Before the Ring

March 4, 2013

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Mellie and Robbie set a date for their wedding, but Mellie’s nervous about her bachelorette party when it involves a road trip to the beach with her cousin Annie. Meanwhile, Kayla and Richard prepare …

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 3 – The Queen Of All Cons

February 25, 2013

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Kayla and her husband clash over how to raise their teen daughter; Nettie and Kayla both want to plan Mellie’s wedding; the women’s mother gets out of jail, but it could undo Mellie’s recent sobriety.

Gypsy Sisters – Season 1, Episode 1 – Highway to Hell

February 25, 2013

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Life with the Stanleys, a Gypsy family in West Virginia, unfolds in this reality series, which begins with Mellie’s combative nature and job as a stripper becoming a concern for Nettie, while Kayla is…